With the official title “Multi-assessment of circular fertilisers for promoting local sustainable value chains and clean ecosystems“, FER-PLAY is advancing the use and production of circular fertilisers, supporting Europe in its transformation to a more circular and resource-independent economy while safeguarding ecosystem health.

In a step-by-step process, the project draws from the consortium’s diverse expertise to map and select viable and sustainable alternative value chains, using the Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment method to determine the strongest contenders along environmental, economic, social acceptance, regulatory, and technical grounds.

FER-PLAY is tapping into partner networks to engage stakeholders in co-creation processes to share their needs to increase the uptake and impact of results and ensure the proposed value chains find an enabling regulatory environment, and willing producers and end-users.

Stakeholders engaged

Fertiliser producers

Farmers and farmers associations

Public administrations

Waste valorisation & agricultural researchers

By fostering the uptake and use of circular fertilisers, the FER-PLAY project aims to support European goals such as:

Preventing water and soil contamination: By 2050, 2.83M tonnes less fertilisers leached into the environment each year

Replacing the +3.77 M tonnes of conventional fertilisers with alternative ones

Mitigating GHG emissions from the agricultural sector: 88% of CO2 and 87% of N2O emissions by 2050

Improving resource independence: Reduce fertiliser imports by 20% leading to savings up to €689.38M per year, diversifying EU sources of nutrient supply

Promoting the development of the circular bioeconomy at local and regional levels.

The Consortium

For more details about partners, funding, and budget, please visit CORDIS.

Related Initiatives

FER-PLAY is building a community with related projects, networks and start-ups to further the communication and dissemination efforts of other projects working towards similar goals.

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