Circular Fertilisers

These fertilisers are derived from secondary raw material streams using a variety of processes, resulting in many options available for farmers to choose from. However, their effectiveness, economic viability, scalability, as well as their environmental impact vary greatly.

FER-PLAY will gather data to score circular fertiliser value chains to select 7 of the strongest contenders to assess across environmental, economic, technical, and social acceptance criteria, as well as for an enabling regulatory environment to accelerate uptake.

FER-PLAY is engaging key stakeholders throughout the process, creating spaces for dialogue and co-creation to incorporate different perspectives and needs. This guarantees the proposed circular fertiliser value chains meet the needs of their final users, incentivising their use – and thus production – creating more sustainable and circular European agricultural sector. Their increased use will limit nutrient leaching and enrichment, bringing balance back to surrounding ecosystems, and keeping nutrient levels within safe ecological boundaries.