Have your say as a farmer, fertiliser producer or policy-maker!

FER-PLAY is conducting quick surveys to understand the needs of producers, end-users of fertilisers and local administrations, and learn their opinion on circular fertilisers.

These surveys take 5-8 minutes and will assess social expectations and perceptions for each indicator via a five-scale Likert scale, yes/no questions, and open-ended questions. They are available in 6 different languages as part of the project’s co-creation process with farmers, farmer associations, cooperatives and fertiliser producers, as well as local administrations and policymakers.

Through these activities, FER-PLAY will better understand and consider key stakeholders’ viewpoints in the five sustainability pillars (environmental, economic, social, technical, and regulatory), fostering exchange and knowledge transfer among them. Surveys will also serve to identify barriers and opportunities for the manufacture, commercialisation, and use of circular fertilisers among selected audiences that will act as multipliers of project results.


The main goal of this survey is to understand the needs, knowledge and opinions of farmers and end-users on circular fertilisers. It can be filled in through the following links:


The scope of this survey is to learn the state of European production, limitations that are encountered (e.g., legal barriers) and social impact. It can be filled in through the following links:


The goal of this survey is to understand policy-makers and local administrations’ perspective. It can be filled in through the following links (more languages will be available soon):

As a next step in the project, FER-PLAY will develop a series of high-quality guidelines for producers and end-users, and policy recommendations for public administrations. End-users’ guidelines will focus on recommendations on how to best reduce environmental, social, and economic impacts along the different circular fertilisers value chains. Producers’ guidelines will be a compilation of technical, non-technical and regulatory information related to the production of circular fertilisers. Finally, public administrations will be targeted with practical suggestions to support the formulation of instruments and strategies for the market deployment of circular fertilisers. Follow our project on social media and stay tuned for more updates soon.

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