EBA Webinar | Understanding Digestate: Nutrient Cycle, Soil Quality, Energy Resilience

FER-PLAY partner EBA (European Biogas Association) is inviting you to join the next webinar of the Dig Deep! series “Understanding Digestate: Nutrient Cycle, Soil Quality, Energy Resilience”, to explore the benefits of biogas digestate and the necessary steps to unleash its potential.

The webinar will take place on Wednesday 27 March from 10h to 11h30 CET via Zoom.

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10h00 – 10h05Welcome
10h05 – 10h20Fertilising Products Regulation
10h20 – 10h35Exploring Digestate’s contribution to healthy soils
10h35 – 10h45From Digestate to clean water: the Guilliams Green Power Biogas plant
10h45– 10h55Mapping Digestate policy: Challenges and opportunities
10h55– 11h05Experience with the FPR Certification for Biogas Residues
11h05 – 11h30Q&A session and wrap up

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