Towards a harmonised approach on sustainability assessment of nutrient recovery pathways: setting LCA methodological priorities

FER-PLAY sister project NOVAFERT will organise a policy workshop during the European Sustainable Nutrient Initiative (ESNI) Conference. It will take place on 20 September 2023 in Brussels, Belgium.

The workshop will address several methodological challenges encountered in the environmental assessment of BBFs, particularly when the objective involves comparing different systems. Some of the key considerations include selecting an appropriate functional unit, establishing a benchmark (baseline system), allocating impacts among co-products, modeling direct field emissions during the application stage and endof-life phase of bio-based fertilisers (BBFs), accessing reliable and comprehensive life cycle data, accounting for the transfer of xenobiotics to soils or other environmental compartments, and considering changes in soil quality, among others.

Hasler Iglesias, R&D Technician at the Environment Department of FER-PLAY Coordinator CETENMA, will share the approach that the FER-PLAY’s LCA-conducting team has been developing, regarding how to appropriately assess the environmental impacts of the production and use of circular fertilisers.

Register here and check out the agenda.

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