A European Market for Circular Fertilisers 

On 10 April our partner Consorzio Italiano Compostatori hosted a successful seminar at the Waste Management Europe 2024 fair in Bergamo, Italy. The event, titled “A European Market for Circular Fertilisers,” brought together 63 participants both online and in person.  

Our discussions delved into the pressing concerns of circular fertiliser producers in Europe, with a particular focus on Regulation (EU) 2019/1009. This regulation, governing the market availability of EU fertilising products, presents significant challenges, which were thoroughly explored by different stakeholders (including the European Commission, Notified Bodies, Standards Bodies, and fertiliser producers.) 

The fruitful exchange of ideas surrounding the barriers and drivers for the development of a market for circular fertilisers in the EU left attendees feeling inspired. Thank you to all who participated!  

Please find the PowerPoints from the speakers below and free to download: 

Facilitating the uptake of circular fertilisers for closing the loop & soil health

The Fertilising Products Regulation Regulatory Update

Organic soil improvers from biowaste – Regulatory challenges

Sustainable Fertilisers Specialists

The FPR after 2 years of entry into force: the state of play from the producers side

Soil organic C, … and the IHSS initiative

Challenges of the application of FPR from Notified Bodies’ point of view

Driver and Barriers – Struvite

Implementation of CEN standards

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